Unusual Holidays to Take in 2014

6th January 2014

The start of a new year often inspires us to re-evaluate many aspects of our lives. It’s a time to put your resolutions into action (for half of January, anyway) but more importantly, it’s time to start dreaming about and planning your next holiday. Why not take a fresh approach to your break away this year, and do something a little out of the ordinary. Forego your beach break in Spain or your Caribbean retreat; here are some more unusual holidays to take in 2014 that you will remember for a life time.

Have a positive influence on a volunteering holiday

Unusual holidays to take in 2014

There are many different ways you can volunteer abroad. Photo by: Volunteer Abroad UBELONG

What better way to make a positive impact in the coming year than by going volunteering abroad? The range of options is staggering, both from the locations you can choose and the activities you can help with. Why not help to build wells to help supply clean, fresh drinking water to villages in Africa? Or help to provide an education to children in India? Alternatively, you could assist with nature conservation or animal rescue. The options are endless and well worth exploring for your 2014 holiday.

Take a punt on a sport focused holiday

With Brazil hosting the World Cup in 2014, this city is set to see a huge influx of visitors, there’s no doubt about it. It might be too late to secure match tickets now, but that shouldn’t put you off a visit to Brazil. The atmosphere here is sure to be electric this summer with visitors travelling from all over the world. Get involved in the buzz and explore this flagship city of South America. Take in the Sugar Loaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer and Iguazu Falls to name but a few of the sights on offer.

Think outside the box and go glamping

Glamping is the name assigned to an activity known as glamorous camping. If you like the outdoors but prefer a bit of luxury, this accommodation option could have your name written all over it. The good news too, is that this fad has taken off all around the world from the sunny beaches of Asia to the gorgeous wilderness of North America. Rock up to a tent that is already set up (and guaranteed to be leak free!) and enjoy the best bits of nature whilst sleeping in a real bed and using electrical appliances!

Tick a once in a lifetime destination off your list

Unusual holidays to take in 2014

Here are some Christmas Iguanas, a prime example of the biodiversity found on the Galapagos. Photo by: Max Ruckman

Fed up of Faro? Over Alicante? Why not push the boat well and truly out and set off on an epic to one of those true one in a lifetime destinations? I’m talking Madagascar, Papau New Guinea, the Galapagos… islands awash with inspiring wild animals, creepy but cool critters and bucket loads of culture you won’t find anywhere else.

Be at one with nature on a Jungle Trek

Jungles and rainforests are unknown but exciting. From the land down under to the expanse of Africa, dense, lush trees blanket the landscapes, concealing spectacularly varied flora and fauna. What better habitat therefore than to be at one with nature and enjoy a trekking holiday. It will certainly be an unusual holiday and will no doubt wind up to be a personal journey of discovery. You might even prefer to go on a desert trek instead!

Give a little back on an eco-friendly break

Why not give a little bit back to the planet in 2014 and take an eco-friendly break! There are many forms such a holiday could take; cut down dramatically on your carbon footprint and go on holiday in your home country. It can be fascinating to explore your home through the eyes of a tourist and you’ll be helping the planet too. Go the extra mile and locate an eco-friendly hotel to rest your head at, too.

Go on a pilgrimage

Despite what you may think, you don’t have to be religious to follow a pilgrimage route. Take the Camino de Santiago as a case in point; it is one of the world’s most famous pilgrimage paths, traversed by more than 200,000 people of all different faiths and often, no faith at all. You can join the route wherever you wish but the final destination is the Cathedral in the city of Santiago itself, in the north west of Spain. You will be sure to meet many other interesting travellers from all corners of the globe, see beautiful scenery and memorable sights and get an insight into traditional village life in Spain. Overall, this is sure to be an inspiring and memorable experience! Alternatively, why not tackle the famous Inca Trail which encompasses jungle and mountain views en route to Machu Picchu or even the 52km long Mount Kailash Pilgrimage in Tibet.

So, here are just a handful of suggestions for unusual holidays to take in 2014. Which would be your choice? What unusual holidays have you taken in the past?

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