7 Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

10th June 2013

We are all too familiar with the post-holiday blues; that horrible sinking feeling that quickly transgresses into mild depression after a wonderful holiday away from dreary England. If you’re anything like me, the depression sets in as soon as I land and the captain announces the current weather forecast in London; more often than not it’s below 10ºC and raining! Sound familiar?

Couple that with your return to the 9-5 and you just can’t help but feel glum. It’s normal, but the blues don’t last forever and just a part of readjusting to your usual schedule. Here are some handy ways to help wrestle the blues away a bit quicker upon your return to home sweet home…

1. Unpack as soon as you can

There is nothing worse than leaving a suitcase brimming with dirty clothes on your floor for two weeks once you’re home; it’s just depressing and infuriating when you have to dig for things you need like toiletries or your hair dryer. I would recommend unpacking as soon as you can! Once it’s done, you can curl up on the sofa with a nice cup of tea without nagging thoughts ruining your evening.

How to stop feeling depressed after a holiday

Unpack as soon as you get home – relive the memories and relax!

2. Adopt a positive attitude

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’ and that’s why you should adopt a positive attitude. Sure, you are back home and back to work but remember that you were lucky enough to have a wonderful holiday and have created memories that will last for years to come. Whilst work and daily chores can be a drag, remember that you probably wouldn’t give up your home, friends and family for anything so be grateful and think positively. Life’s not so bad!

3. Schedule in things to look forward to

Whether a date night with that special someone in your life, lunch out with friends or a family day out to somewhere fun one weekend, be sure to schedule in plans so that you have activities to look forward to. Plans will keep you motivated and inspired after a long week at work!

4. Spend more time outdoors

Whether you spend two weeks laid up pool side with a cocktail in hand or spent your days walking in stunning countryside, the fact is that you probably spent a lot more time outdoors than you usually would at home. Fresh air is so great for us so once you return home, make an effort to spend more time outdoors even if that means heading out on your lunch break for a 30 minute walk, taking the longer route to work or getting out and about at the weekends. It will help you to feel healthier and happier.

Overcome the holiday blues

Spend more time outdoors and go for a walk in your local park at lunchtime.

5. Make some changes at home

It’s so easy to return home and just slip back into the same old rut but one way to really shake off the post-holiday blues is to make some changes to your routine at home. They don’t have to be big changes, just subtle ones like eating more fruit, clearing out your clutter, or the old classic; to do something every day that scares you. Whatever small things you keep telling yourself you are going to do but are yet to action can really make all the difference.

6. Treat yourself to nice food

I love food at the best of times but take me abroad and I am in heaven! Once you’re home, returning to your usual meal plan including the likes of Spaghetti Bolognese and Pizza will almost certainly feel dull. So make a pact with yourself to try out some new recipes and splurge on a really delicious meal or yummy treat once a week. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that make all the difference…

7. Just book another one…

Do you want to know what the very best way to beat the post-holiday blues is, though? Book another one! It’s as simple as that. Costly yes, but with another trip to look forward to the blues will melt away in no time at all when you’ve got another exotic escape to count down to…

Recover from the holiday blues

Book another holiday to sunnier climbs and give yourself something to look forward to.

How do you beat the post-holiday blues? Tell us in the comments section below.

By Kerri Ware from Economy Car Hire

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