Titanic II and Where You Should Choose to Cruise

25th March 2013

It may have made headlines on 10th April in 1912 but the Titanic still remains the most famous passenger ship in the world. Last year, it emerged that an Australian billionaire has set plans in motion to build a modern day replica; Titanic II, as part of a Blue Star Line company which is due to set sail in 2016. Passengers will be given period costumes to wear and whilst she will bear many similarities to the original ship, it will of course have plenty of modern amenities including air conditioning and even internet access too. How much do you think a ticket costs to board? Unfortunately we can only speculate, but reportedly there have been offers in excess of $1 million to be the first on board! Would you want to sail on the Titanic II?

Titanic II

Titanic II

As 10th April, marks the day of departure for the ill-fated Titanic, I thought I’d give you some ideas of where you could choose to cruise for your next holiday, which might be a bit more in your price range!

Hong Kong

Perhaps not the first destination that would spring to mind when considering a cruise but Hong Kong is a hot destination, especially with a new cruise terminal opening this year. Often, cruise packages includes flights and then embark on a cruise once you arrive, so a cruise here will allow you to uncover some of the very best parts of South East Asia in style. Boasting tropical temperatures, especially in November and December, and with a central location lending itself to nearby cruise destinations such as Japan, China, the Philippines and Singapore, a cruise here is a great choice! Extra stops such as Lantau Island make a cruise even more appealing so take a look at offers and inspiration here!

Hong Kong skyline

A view of the Hong Kong skyline with Victoria Harbour in the background


The gorgeous Croatia is finally joining the EU on 1st July this year and with its excellent weather, beautiful sights, thousands of islands and its proximity to the UK, it’s a fabulous destination for cruising. The good news is that your options aren’t just limited to Croatia either; why not include Italy and some of the best Greek Islands in your Mediterranean itinerary? This summer, you could be on board a ship set to drink in the sights of the preserved Old Town of Dubrovnik, the canal city Venice, historical Athens, gorgeous Corfu and mountainous Montenegro! Each city on your chosen cruise will have plenty to offer with unforgettable sights and sounds which will keep your holiday alive in your memory long after you return home. The options are endless and with many different companies to choose from, you’ll find the right price to suit your budget and preferences.

Cruise in Croatia

Dubrovnik, with it’s beautiful Old Town, is a popular stop on cruises.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another surprising option as a cruise destination and it’s certainly still building its reputation in this regard but with British Airways launching new flights to the capital three times a week, starting on 14th April, Sri Lanka is becoming more and more accessible. Cruise packages will include the price of flights to get you there and when the ship departs, you can take in the sights of Singapore, India, Malaysia and more! Sri Lanka itself, brimming with cultural curiosities, natural beauty and incredible beaches, is a fascinating part of the world to explore.

Whether you are new to cruising or well-travelled when it comes to the world’s oceans, the options for a cruise itinerary are extremely varied and offer something for everyone, from hot Caribbean ports, to chilly cruises around Norwegian fjords and beyond. Take a look at further inspiration here and arrange car hire at your ports of call so you can explore with ease!

Are you a fan of cruise holidays? Have you ever been on a cruise?

By Kerri Ware from Economy Car Hire

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