Things to do When it Rains on Holiday

4th March 2013

Glossy travel magazines are filled with blue skies and golden beaches because sunshine and holidays are meant to go hand in hand! None of us spend our days wistfully dreaming of grey skies – we get enough of that at home….

Things to do when it rains on holiday

What happens if your holiday falls outside the peak months however when the weather isn’t guaranteed to play ball? A rainy day or two can completely ruin your plans so I thought I’d put together some ideas of things to do when it rains on holiday, because weather is unpredictable and bad weather doesn’t have to mean you have a bad time!

• A visit to the spa can be an expensive experience at home but it’s very much a part of the culture in other countries, making spas easy to find and affordable, particularly in countries like Turkey. Treat yourself to some rest in relaxation, and go to a spa!

• Think outside the box and find out if you can take an interesting tour! Breweries are a great option and most people won’t need any further persuasion to visit. If you are in a large city, TV studios are a great idea too and you might even be able to be a part of the audience whilst a programme is being filmed.

• If you wake up to the sound of rain against your window on holiday, my advice is, roll over and simply enjoy a lay in! I always pack my holiday itinerary with things to see and do, and usually end up feeling like I need another holiday to recover; if you’re the same, use the excuse to relax and catch up on some sleep.

• I love my food, whether I’m at home or abroad so if the weather turns sour, why not take a cooking class and learn how to make some of the delicious local dishes you have tried on your travels. Whether it be paella, churros or a Thai curry, keep your holiday alive long after you return home and wow your friends with your new found skills too!

• Music is a universal language so if the heavens open why not go to a concert! It doesn’t have to be an international artist even karaoke and sometimes the best concerts will be showcasing local musicians like Irish music in a cosy country club or flamenco music in Spain. It will get your toes tapping and leave you with some great memories.

• If you are a fan of photography, whether or not you are a pro, get out there and take some photos! The different light and turbulent conditions can create some fantastic images and it’s fun to try and capture them, just be sure to keep your camera dry.

• With technology continually advancing and becoming more accessible, postcards seem to be dying a sad death. Why not surprise your family and friends back home with an unexpected postcard or two. Track down an inviting café and get to work!

• I love to people watch so why not track down a quaint little café, pick a ring side seat, wrap your hands around a warm cup of coffee and people watch from a coffee shop window! It’s an entertaining way to while away some time and you can even chat to the locals inside for tips on where to eat and drink.

• And if all else fails, go to the beach anyway! After all, you’d get wet from swimming if you had already planned to go and unless it’s a full blown thunderstorm or incredibly cold outside, swimming in the rain can actually be quite fun!

If you are looking for more specific suggestions, take a look at these posts with suggestions of things to do on a rainy day in Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Larnaca, Rhodes and Malaga!

What suggestions do you have if the weather takes a turn for the worst on holiday?

By Kerri Ware from Economy Car Hire

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