Balearic Government to Introduce New Car Hire Eco Tax

8th February 2013

In a measure to raise funds, the Balearic Government has announced that it is to introduce a new car hire Eco Tax which will apply when hiring any vehicle in the Balearic Islands from April 1st 2013. The additional charge will be applied locally when customers collect their hire vehicle.

The new tax is set to come into force from 1st April 2013 and whilst the exact fees are yet to be confirmed, it is estimated that the amount charged will be between 2 – 8 Euros per rental day depending on the vehicles’ level of emissions.

For a one week hire, this could see the cost of car hire in the Balearic Islands rise by a minimum of 14 Euros, to a maximum of 56 Euros.

In a bid to assist our customers who hire in the Balearic Islands, we will include this information both on our website and on car hire vouchers.

We will update this post with further information as it comes to light.

11 Responses to “Balearic Government to Introduce New Car Hire Eco Tax”

  1. Kerri Ware

    Hello Ed,

    Since this blog was posted, it was announced that the Eco Tax has been suspended indefinitely. You can read more about it here:

    I hope this will come as welcome news.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Kind regards,

  2. Ed Brown

    Just got quote from one company up from €166 this May to €250 for May 2014 (same car, same number of days). Regular visitors will have experienced similar attempts to tax the tourist (some of which were ruled illegal by higher authorities), needless to say I won’t be contributing to this tax collection method and will simply drop the hire car. I would have dropped the whole holiday had I known of this before booking flights and accommodation, but they will not be seeing us anywhere near as regularly in future again until they accept that tourists already contribute enough to their economy.
    There are plenty of similar destinations welcoming tourists with open arms.

  3. Kerri Ware

    Melvin, thanks for your comment. I understand your frustration. It might be worth keeping an eye on the situation though.

  4. Kerri Ware

    You’re right Rob, tourists always seem to get the raw deal when it comes to additional charges. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Kerri Ware

    Lynne, thanks for your comment. Just to clarify though, the charge isn’t being imposed by the car hire firms, it is the Balearic Government who have introduced the fee.

  6. melvin

    Just booked hire car very annoyed at this “Tax” will not be going to Mallorca again…..plenty other places

  7. Rob

    This isnt the first time the Balearic Government have introduced some sort of tourist tax. A few years hotels charged a nightly tax payable locally depending on the * rating of the accomodation. It didn’t seem to be around for long – probably bookings fell sharply. Tourists are easy pickings for all sorts of additional surcharges…

  8. Lynne

    It’s not bye bye Mallorca for me as flights to Turkey have been soo expensive this year, what you gain in not paying this tax you will loose in the increased air fares. However, it will mean less eating out; the only winners then are Eroski and Lidl! There is only a certain amount in the holiday pot and if it’s taken by the car hire firms then the other business’ will suffer.

  9. Kerri Ware


    As the tax has been introduced by the Balearic Government, rather than by hire companies, and more information is still to be released, we don’t know the definitive answer to your question. As your rental starts before the tax is set to be introduced however, it is unlikely you will be charged, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee this.

    We will update this blog with more information when it comes available.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks and kind regards,

  10. David wareing

    Re Eco tax. Bye bye Mallorca hello turkey

  11. K Hobbs

    As the tax will be applied at the start of the hire, how will this be charged to a hire that starts in the middle of March and lasts for 6 weeks??

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