Best Places to Travel for Art

23rd January 2013

Art can take many forms and whether you are a connoisseur or simply have a mild interest, most of us can appreciate art or some description whether it be contemporary, street side graffiti or portraits that are thousands of years old. Every city and town in the world has an art gallery or two, showcasing either local artists or international spectacles but if you fancy taking a cultural trip, we’ve picked some of the best places to travel for art. Tell us about an arty experience you’ve had…

I AMsterdam Sign & Rijksmuseum


This canal city in the Netherlands is definitely one for art lovers to visit for it ticks the boxes on all manner of different art. From huge murals colouring the sides of buildings to some world class art galleries and museums, it is sure to cater for all tastes. Visit the famed Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt House Museum or the newly renovated Rijksmuseum as well as plenty more like Akinci and Van Zoetendaal Photography. Photo by: Evan Jackson


As a major city, London has plenty going for it and this theme continues when it comes to art. The number of galleries and museums reaches into the thousands from tiny street corners to huge exhibition centres and much street art, most famously perhaps the works of renowned artist Bansky. From decorated tube tunnels to galleries like the Tate Modern, Serpentine Gallery, National Gallery, Saatchi Gallery and the Photographer’s Gallery plus many more, you are very much spoilt for choice. After your time admiring the exhibitions, London has plenty more up its sleeve to make your trip more than memorable. What would you say is the most famous art gallery in London?


Melbourne is a very decorated city when it comes to street art and is often considered to be one of the best cities in the world to see it, along with the likes of Sao Paulo, Germany and Stavanger. Uncover the underground art scene with incredible murals and masterpieces adoring hidden lanes and arcades. A tour, run by local artists, is the best way to uncover it.

New York City

New York is a city for everyone…musicians, actors and actresses and artists all come here to try and make their name! With an eclectic population, you can be sure that the art you find here will be just as varied and the art scene is definitely thriving. In this sprawling mass of high rises and people, a gallery is never far away whether it be in a Soho loft or vast halls. Try to visit a selection of both the most celebrated galleries as well as some that are up and coming for a nicely rounded experience. Some names to remember include the Guggenheim Museum with both a contemporary collection, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and L&M Arts which showcases works from Picasso to Damien Hirst. Which art gallery in New York springs to mind for you?

Florence Duomo


Often described as an outdoor art gallery, the entire city of Florence is celebrated for its stunning Renaissance art treasures. In the 15th century, it was at the centre of this artistic revolution and has never really lost it since! Michelangelo is particularly well represented but there are a number of other fine Renaissance artists to look out for including Sandro Botticelli who’s painting “The Birth of Venus” is represented in the Uffizi Gallery, Donatello who is responsible for the bronze “David” statue, found at the Bargello Museum and Filippo Brunelleschi who is to thank for Florence Cathedral.

Whether or not you are planning to pick up a new item for your collection, these cities are guaranteed to be an artist and creative trip. Take your pick and uncover some of the world’s best!

Do you love art or hate it? Do you have a favourite artist or seen an incredible piece of art? Share your thoughts with us :-)

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