Don’t Despair …

28th June 2010

Following England crashing out of the World Cup on Sunday, don’t despair, here are our top 5 ideas to get away from it all this summer;

  1. Portugal has so much to offer, rivers, forests, and lush valleys characterize the northern territory, and endless beaches, cliffs and coves make up the southern coastline. A beautiful country where you can relax and enjoy the amazing scenery.
  2. Malta is characterised by low hills, fields and indented coastline with harbours, bays, creeks, sandy beaches, and rocky coves. There is certainly a lot to keep you busy on a holiday to Malta.
  3. Cyprus has numerous beaches for you to relax and enjoy. A mixture of hills and valleys coupled with some amazing archaeological sites make this a fantastic place to visit.
  4. Spain offers a mixture of fabulous beaches, great night life, terrific monuments and vast expanses of natural scenery. Definitely a country with something to suit every taste.
  5. Turkey has plenty to see and do; sights and activities range from belly dancing, scuba diving, bazaars, beaches, and ancient temples. Golden sands, deep blue seas and bags of culture typify this spectacular place.

So, don’t be blue, book a break now, book your car hire in Europe and start counting down the days!

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