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DVLA to Scrap the Paper Counterpart Licence in June

24th April 2015

Driving Licence
From June 8th 2015, the UK paper counterpart driving licence will be scrapped and no longer issued by the DVLA. The DVLA’s decision to scrap the paper counterpart has led to a free online View Your Driving Licence service being launched. This enables you to view your driving licence and record online.

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The Best Tools for Planning a Road Trip

21st April 2015

Road Trip
Planning a road trip can be tricky, particularly if you’re planning one in a foreign country. You’ll probably have an idea of what you want to see and where you want to go but is it practical? For instance, you want to drive from Florida to Las Vegas but also want to take in St Louis AND Houston. If you’re on a one way trip, this is not going to happen unless you’re up for some serious step retracing.

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How to Escape the Crowds in Rhodes and Corfu

16th April 2015

Driverless Cars
I’ve long been a believer that there’s a Greek Island for everyone. Whether you go on holiday to explore new areas and their history, relax, sunbathe, ski (mainland only but you get my point), party, sail…….. The list goes on. Personally, my favourite island is Corfu. I love its leisurely atmosphere and beautiful scenery, but we’re also going to look at that perennial favourite, Rhodes.

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The 6 Best Quirky Places to Stay

14th April 2015

Driverless Cars
Every now and then it’s nice to get away from the real world. Do you every want to experience something new, special, or unusual? Whilst this is often along the lines of a safari in Kenya or a cruise down to the Antarctic, sometimes it’s the accommodation that’s unique. Hotels are becoming more and more similar and to be honest, a little dull.

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April 2015- Travel News Bulletin

7th April 2015

France Air Strike Update

Hundreds of flights to & from France cancelled leaving thousands stranded.

Delays and cancellations are also affecting other parts of Europe accessible through French airspace.

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Driverless Cars: On the Road to Success

7th April 2015

Driverless Cars
It’s official, driverless cars are getting closer and closer to reality. Technology is speeding along and Google are in pole position to win the race with their Self-Driving Car. Whatever your view, driverless cars have divided opinion and led to overheated arguments, but what will they really bring to the road?

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The Best Driving Roads in Europe

2nd April 2015

Furka Pass
When you think of Europe, what do you picture in your head? The Eiffel Tower, the Alps, the Italian Lakes or Scandinavia’s Northern Lights? Maybe England’s rolling fields or Scotland’s Highlands? There’s so much to see in Europe it’s difficult to know where to start.

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The Best Protection When Booking a Holiday

31st March 2015

A holiday should be an enjoyable experience, we want to be able to leave stress and worry behind when we’re away. That’s often easier said than done though. In recent years we’ve seen volcanic ash clouds halt air travel, tour operators and airlines go bust, and an economic meltdown. Many people’s holidays were ruined because they weren’t properly protected.

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The Best Places for an Easter Holiday

24th March 2015

Norfolk Broads
With Easter approaching, many people are starting to think about a last minute getaway. But where are the best places for an Easter holiday? Well, obviously it depends on what sort of holiday you’re after. Here at Economy Car Hire, we’ve put together a selection for all budgets and tastes.

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The Other Emirates

19th March 2015

Sheikh Zayed Mosque
When we hear the term UAE, we usually think of Dubai or Abu Dhabi. In fact we covered some of the best things to do in Dubai a while back. There’s a lot more to explore in this rapidly developing country than just the two famous regions.

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