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Summer Facts

7th July 2015

summer factsOK, summer officially started over two weeks ago and it looks like it’s over. I’m probably tempting fate here but I thought we might spend some time looking at summer facts, trivia, and fun things to get us in the mood for the next few months of dreariness and rain. As Bill Bryson once said, “it’s like living in Tupperware”.

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The Best Places to Spend Independence Day

2nd July 2015

independence dayArguably the most important day in America’s History, Independence Day or the Fourth of July has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941. All over the country, people celebrate the declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776. Festivities include BBQ’s, parties, parades, picnics, and baseball games. The 4th of July has become one of the most well-known Independence Days in the world.

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July 2015 – Travel News Bulletin

1st July 2015

EasyJet cabin crew threaten summer strike

Fears of a summer strike by easyJet cabin crew have increased after talks between unions and the budget airline broke down.

EasyJet has said it’s confident the summer flight schedule will operate as normal and assures passengers “there is no industrial action currently planned by its UK cabin crew”.

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Summer Packing Checklist

30th June 2015

packing checklistWhen it comes to packing for a holiday there are 3 types of people. There are those who plan weeks in advance, wash everything in preparation, and create numerous checklists whilst wandering around the house absent-mindedly muttering “no, that won’t fit” or “do I really need 5 maxi dresses for a weekend break?”. Then there are those who take the 7 days – 7 items approach. Underwear for each day and 2 sets of clothes to be worn on alternate days. Finally, the people who forget they’re leaving at 4:40 the next morning and run around the house grabbing items that look vaguely useful and throwing them in a bag that may or may not hold everything. They then arrive at their hotel to discover they forgot most things.

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The Best Italian Recipes and Where to Source Ingredients

25th June 2015

Italian recipes-tagliatelleWhen it comes to food, the Italians know a thing or two. Whether it’s winter in the Dolomites or summer in Tuscany, from arancini and antipasti to zabaglione and zuppe di pesce, there’s an Italian dish for every palate.

I find that when I’m on holiday one of the best experiences can be had by visiting the local market to buy some really fresh, local produce and making some of the region’s speciality dishes myself. The Italians are so passionate about their food it’s infectious and though we Brits are starting to become more interested in our food and where it comes from, the Italians leave us standing.

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Summer Traffic Jams & How to Avoid Them

23rd June 2015

summer traffic jamsHere at Economy Car Hire we like to think we provide a friendly, helpful service (no sniggering at the back!) So to that end, I got thinking about ways to improve your holidays even further and I came up with traffic jams. Not literally, I’m not the one responsible for you sitting in the baking sun for hours on end. Instead I thought, how can we help people know where they’ll be and how to avoid them? So here’s a look at some of the most common summer traffic jams.

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Top Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

19th June 2015

gift ideas for father's dayOK, it’s Father’s Day on Sunday in case you’d forgotten! Whilst I appreciate not everyone treats it as seriously as Mother’s Day, it’s still nice to have a couple of options hidden up your sleeve if it turns out he wants to do something special.

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International Picnic Day

19th June 2015

international picnic dayIt was International Picnic Day yesterday! I know, I could barely stand the excitement either. It’s always held on June 18th which seems a little silly as it means it’s usually during the week! Who thought it was a good idea having a Picnic Day during the week? It should always be at the weekend when I can head out to the coast with some wine and great food and relax in the sun.

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June 2015- Travel News Bulletin

10th June 2015

30th June

French strikes to disrupt travellers – again!

Travellers are facing further disruption this week after it was announced air traffic controllers will strike on Thursday and Friday.

Passengers are advised to contact their airlines to check on the status of their flights.

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Car Hire Categories Explained

9th June 2015

Automatic At Economy Car Hire we try to ensure our website and booking process are as clear for our customers as possible. We know the car hire industry has a bit of a bad name when it comes to confusing terms or not being transparent and this is applicable to the cars themselves. Have you ever tried to book a hire car only to be completely bewildered when your vehicle is confirmed as a CDMR or a SWMR?

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