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UK Summer Bank Holiday Tips

25th August 2015

August Bank Holiday 2015It’s the Bank Holiday on Monday! Whoop whoop! Long weekend and all that! Although if you haven’t got anything planned you might not be so excited. Never mind, we’re here to help and have got all sorts of ideas and summer Bank Holiday tips for you.

Let’s face it though, it’s the end of August which pretty much means the end of summer so there’s not much to celebrate. Or is there?

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Must Drive American Road Trips 2

20th August 2015

American road trips 2So here we are again! Round 2 of our top American road trips. This week we’re going to look at the southern States via the Mexican Gulf and the ultimate west coast tour. So get your road maps out and start planning your trip! We’re taking you up the Pacific Coast and round the Florida panhandle so you’re bound to see something you’ve always wanted.

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The Ultimate Guide to Car Hire Insurance

18th August 2015

Guide to car hire insuranceCar Hire Insurance is confusing. Many of us don’t hire cars regularly and suppliers often make things more confusing by using different phrases for the same insurance product.

We’ve tried to make our guide to car hire insurance as clear and easy to understand as possible.

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Car Hire Tips for Older Drivers

17th August 2015

Older drivers penalised when hiring a carRecent research carried out by Economy Car Hire has shown that a number of car hire suppliers penalise older drivers simply because of their age. And it doesn’t matter how many years no claims or how much experience you have.

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8 Best Parks in Europe

11th August 2015

Best parks in EuropeWhen visiting a city, you tend to go all out. Rushing around trying to pack in as many sights, museums, and galleries as possible so you can say “I’ve done Madrid/Paris/Dublin” etc. But there’s more to a city than just the museums. The parks are where the locals go and are the areas that give you a sense of what sort of city it is. Take Central Park in New York, a rectangular expanse of greenery in a city known for its regimented city blocks. Or Hyde Park with its statues and memorials that wouldn’t be out of place in one of London’s many museums.

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Must Drive American Road Trips

7th August 2015

American road tripSay the word “road trip” and you probably think of America and Route 66. The size of the States, along with the ever changing landscapes makes it the perfect place to hit the open road.

In an ideal world you’d be driving a Mustang convertible with no time limit. Whilst we can sort out the Mustang, we can’t help with your time constraints I’m afraid. But never fear, we’ve lined up a 1 week trip and a fortnight adventure for you, so you’re fixed either way!

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50 Greatest Driving Songs Ever

4th August 2015

50 greatest driving songsYes you read the title right, we’re actually going to put forward what we think are the 50 greatest driving songs ever. We know 60% of you will think all our choices are awful, 30% will agree with most of the choices but say the order is completely wrong, 9% will agree with 49 of our choices but argue Queen should be in there, and 1% of you will say we got it right.

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August 2015 – Travel News Bulletin

3rd August 2015

11rd August

EasyJet to drop carry on guarantee

Budget airliner easyJet has ended a guarantee that passengers can keep their carry on with them throughout the flight.

Previously, bags measuring 56cm x 45cm x 25cm or less could be kept with passengers at all times. The new policy allows standard passengers one item of carry on of the same size but this may be placed in the hold on busy flights.

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Food to Try in Poland

30th July 2015

food in PolandHeavily influenced by Eastern European and German cuisines, Polish food isn’t as one dimensional as you might think. Sure, it uses lots of cabbage, potatoes, and sauerkraut, but that’s because when these are done well, they’re delicious. Other influencers include Jewish, French, Turkish, and Italian cuisines.

But if you’re travelling to Poland, what is the best food to try there? Once again we’ve put our bodies on the line to find this out!

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How to Keep Kids Entertained on a Long Journey

28th July 2015

keep kids entertained on long journeys“Are we there yet?”, “I’m bored”, “stop kicking me!”, “are we there yet?” If you have kids and have been on a road trip or long journey, you’ll have heard this before. In the past your armoury was small, but today there’s an arsenal of tools to combat child boredom in the car.

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