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7 of the Finest Historic Houses to Visit in the UK

20th May 2013

Historic houses in the UKEveryone knows of Britain’s long, varied and at times, downright ugly history and it is fascinating both to those of us who live here but particularly to visitors from abroad. So much of our country’s history is preserved. We don’t boast ancient ruins, but we do have thousands of historic stately homes, proud castles and country houses whereby the Kings and Queens and Earls and Dukes of the past have walked. So whether you live in the UK and just want to enjoy a day trip or are on holiday from another country, here are some of the finest historic houses to visit in the UK.

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Valletta, the Historic Heart of Malta

5th July 2012

The capital city of Malta, despite its incredibly compact size, is hailed to be one of the most concentrated historic areas the world over by UNESCO and the fantastic 16th century architecture and historical fortifications found within the borders of the city are valiant proof of this.

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