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Escape to Peneda-Geres

28th August 2014

ponte de lima

Portugal has a sun, sea and sand reputation amongst many holidaymakers. There is however much more to the country than the stereotype would suggest. If you drive north from Porto, past Braga, to the border with Spain, you will come across the Peneda-Geres National Park. This is the only National Park in Portugal and it’s a huge contrast from the popular beach resorts that you find in the south.

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Our Pick of the Top 6 Car Games

26th August 2014

car games- technology

In a world where passengers are increasingly ‘plugged in’ travel has become a somewhat solitary experience. With iPods, smartphones, laptops and games consoles to hand, travellers no longer need to rely on their fellow passengers to relieve the boredom of long and potentially tedious journeys.
Here at Economy Car Hire, we say look up! Log out of Facebook, stop tweeting live updates of your journey, reply to that email later and take out your headphones! Technology has changed the way we travel drastically and not necessarily in a good way. The ‘car game’, an old family favourite, is making a comeback and we’ve come up with a list of our top 6 favourites to keep you entertained on your next journey!

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Re-thinking The Greek Islands

21st August 2014

greek islands- paxos

The unique, laid-back charm of Greek holidays has been attracting tourists for decades. However, the islands’ popularity only continues to grow and the increasing crowds threaten to ruin your haven of rest and relaxation. So, we have come up with a list of a few little known islands that offer all the things you love without the busy beaches and fully booked tavernas!

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Delicious Driving Destinations

19th August 2014

Foodie- France

Europe is home to some of the most flavoursome foodie paradises. Local ingredients, rich flavours and centuries old recipes all combine to create a magnificent menu. Europe’s gastronomic history and expertise has made it a popular destination choice for foodies around the world. However, which country, region or city is worth visiting just for the specialities? At Economy Car Hire we have picked our top 5 delicious driving destinations that are guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds.

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A Scenic Drive to Sintra!

14th August 2014

Sintra- town

A scenic drive to Sintra is the must-do day trip. It is described as Disneyland for adults! Make your way along the picturesque Estoril Coast and take in views of the Atlantic Ocean. See the fishing port of Cascais Bay and stop at Cabo da Roca- Europe’s most western point. Once you have had your fill of the stunning coastline, head inland to the Sintra- Cascais Natural Park. Explore the park’s lush mountain valleys and wooded hillsides. Then uncover the hidden fairy-tale town of Sintra at its heart.

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How to Avoid Holiday Stress

12th August 2014


A holiday is often the shining beacon of light that gets us through a cold, wet winter. It’s not always plain sailing though. A holiday can often be a stressful experience and can leave us needing some time to recover from it. We, at Economy Car Hire, have decided to divulge our top tips on how to ensure you return home relaxed and refreshed. Additionally, why not read our suggestions on accessories that make travelling better?

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What!? No Beaches? Walking in the White Mountains, Crete

7th August 2014


If you rate a place by the standard of its beaches, then Chania is one of the best locations in Europe. Beautiful turquoise water and golden sands stretch along the coast, what more could you ask for? Well if you’re not a sun worshipper or just fancy some time away from the beach, you might want to diversify your holiday. There is much more to Crete than its perfect beaches. Why not head inland in your hire car and read Economy Car Hire’s guide to exploring the island?

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Inspiration – Free Things to do in the School Holidays

5th August 2014


It’s that time of year again. The schools have broken up and a long summer is stretching ahead of us. Sometimes it can be hard to think of fun things to do with your children during their time off, so we’ve been thinking. We found that it is very easy to spend a lot of money entertaining the children and that free things to do can be harder to think of, or less attractive.

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August 2014 Travel Bulletin

4th August 2014

Air France Pilots Threaten September Strikes

The pilots of international airline Air France have threaten to strike in September due to a massive corporate reorganisation plan. Although there are no definite plans for the strike action yet there is the potential for huge travel chaos to occur if a strike does materialise. The potential strike would also lead to big delays at numerous airports around Europe. We will bring you more on this story when news breaks, but for now make sure you check regularly with Air France if you are planning to fly with them in September.

Ash Cloud Update

The potential risk for the eruption of the Bardabunga Volcano in Iceland was raised from orange to red over the weekend, only for it to be reduced on Sunday. Although the level of risk has been lowered, there was a large earthquake in the area on Monday night, raising fears that an eruption might still be on the cards. We will keep you informed of this story as it evolves.

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Ibiza’s Secret Beaches

31st July 2014

Couple at the Beach

Ibiza is well known for its notorious nightlife and beach resorts crammed full of sun worshippers. When you are planning to enjoy some rest and relaxation the party island isn’t going to be your first port of call. However, the island is in fact home to some of the most peaceful and secluded beaches in the Balearics. Read on to discover our favourites…

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