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6 Reasons Why Winter is Our Favourite Season

25th November 2014


When the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it’s only natural that our thoughts turn to a winter escape. But what if neither sunbathing nor skiing tick your boxes? Well, do not fear Economy Car Hire is here. You’re winter holiday doesn’t have to be confined to the beach or stuck in snowy peaks. Oh no, there’s a wide range of alternative winter holidays just waiting to be snapped up. Don’t delay and escape the drizzly British winter today!

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A Safari for the Senses in South Africa

20th November 2014

stellenbosch vineyard

South Africa has been a popular tourist destination for years. Renowned for its fantastic safari experiences, it is often top of everyone’s bucket list. We’re here to tell you that South Africa boasts a second star attraction. You may have seen South Africa, but have you tasted it?

Swap the safari park for vineyards and make the short drive from Cape Town to the Cape Winelands. Here the cultivation of grapes dates as far back as the 1600s! Today this is the largest wine-making region in South Africa. It offers plenty of delicious opportunities to sample some of the country’s finest wines and local delicacies. So, hop in your hire car and head to the Cape Winelands for a very unique Safari of the senses.

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What luggage best suits your travel style?

18th November 2014

luggage cart

Trying to organise all of your holiday essentials so that they fit neatly in your luggage is a struggle that we all face. Whilst you want to choose a bag with plenty of room, you also don’t want to exceed baggage weight limits and size restrictions. Instead of packing according to what your luggage can accommodate, why not choose a bag to accommodate you?

To help you decide which bag best fits your needs we’ve come up with a handy buyers guide. For each luggage style we’ve reviewed the best features to look for, ensuring you get the most out of your baggage.

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‘Tis the Season to go Skiing!

11th November 2014


Skiing has a reputation for being an exclusive winter pastime for those who are fortunate enough to be able to afford it. Most are also put off by their lack of experience on the slopes. Economy Car Hire is here to tell you that it is possible for everyone to embrace this winter sport. Whether you’re on a budget, a first time skier or are looking to escape the crowds, we’ve come up with a list of fantastic ski destinations to suit everyone’s needs! Big name ski resorts in Europe, such as Val d’Isere, Verbier and Saint Anton, are renowned for their extensive amenities and first-rate skiing. However, we veer off-piste with a few specialised ski destinations you may not have considered.

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November 2014- Travel News Bulletin

10th November 2014

Easyjet announces 26 new routes

Easyjet has started the winter season in style by announcing some exciting new routes across airports in the UK. The most notable additions include Stuttgart in Germany and Essaouira in Morocco. Flights to Porto will also be increased significantly as the budget airline have added flights from Manchester, Luton and Bristol Airports.

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Pay less for luxury!

6th November 2014


Soaring mountains plus quaint Alpine charm is the magic formula for luxury ski resorts. This can often come at an uncompromising cost though. Here at Economy Car Hire, we’re here to tell you that it is possible to plan a budget trip in Europe’s number one skiing destination. Let us present Switzerland on a shoe string! Admittedly, Switzerland is renowned for being pricey. But with our inside info and a few clever resort choices it is possible to ski cheap here without emptying your bank account or compromising on your skiing experience.

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5 Unusual Ways to Celebrate Bonfire Night!

4th November 2014

Flaming Tar Barrels at Ottery St Mary

Brits have celebrated the 5th of November, or Bonfire Night, for over 400 years. Throughout the UK, thousands of revellers wrap up warm and brave the wintery temperatures of November evenings in order to take part in this national tradition. At most celebrations you can expect to see a burning effigy of Guy Fawkes sat atop a bonfire throne, sparklers and fancy fireworks. In some parts of the UK, bonfire traditions verge on the bizarre. For a November 5th you definitely will remember why not take part in one of these explosives celebrations!

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5 Holiday Horror Stories You Won’t Believe

28th October 2014

When it comes to paranormal activity the phrase ‘seeing is believing’ often comes to mind. However, this Halloween Economy Car Hire has a few ghost stories to tell that you can also experience for yourself! If you are planning a holiday this October half term, beware the ghosts and ghouls that haunt these hotels in Europe. For a holiday experience to write home about, why not book yourself in for a few nights of spooky happenings that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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Revolutionise How You holiday!

23rd October 2014

black sea

Regardless of your preferences, one thing we can all agree on is that we want to come home feeling refreshed and revitalised. When the colder months creep in and the onset of winter darkens the horizon, many people decide to book an escape to warmer climes. Health tourism is one of the oldest forms of leisure travel in the world. The Canary Islands are a jackpot of natural resources. The year round sunshine, pure sea air, and thermal waters enriched with minerals make the Canaries a unique place to be enjoyed by those seeking well-being. We’re here to tell you that the Canaries are not only a fantastic place to let your hair down. They also put the ‘treat’ back into ‘retreat’.

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Is Booking in Advance Better?

21st October 2014

Save money

When to book your holiday is every traveller and holidaymaker’s dilemma. Over the years, various theories and travel hacks have emerged on how to save the most money on your transport and accommodation. Essentially it all boils down to what is best for you, your preferences and your circumstances. In true Economy Car Hire style we’re here to get you the best deal. So, whether you’re an organised early bird or risk waiting to the last minute, we have come up with some handy tips to help you save money whichever way you choose to book your holiday.

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