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Menorca: Best Bits and Beauty Spots

24th July 2014

menorca- ciutadella

The Balearic Islands are some of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. They are home to beautiful beaches and the perfect summer climate. Most holidaymakers don’t need many more reasons to visit the Balearics. However, each island has its own individual allure and character, which is often overlooked. On the island of Menorca there is so much more to enjoy besides its pretty resorts and sunny weather. Here at Economy Car Hire we have come up with a few of our favourite beauty spots that will make Menorca memorable!

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Natural Remedies For Common Holiday Ailments

22nd July 2014

Ailments- Motion sickness 2

Nobody likes getting ill, least of all on holiday. Whilst we all like to travel to experience new and exciting things, the change in climate, different foods and unfamiliar landscapes can often have an adverse effect on our bodies. There’s usually a remedy to be found for whatever ails you in any pharmacy. However, it’s difficult to prepare for every eventuality. Plus you don’t want to waste valuable luggage space on a medicine cabinet full of various pills and potions. So, here at Economy Car Hire we have come up with a list of our favourite natural remedies that you can rustle up wherever you are in the world.

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On the Trail of the Goddess of Love | The Quieter Side of Cyprus

17th July 2014

cyprus - latchi marina 2

The island of Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. No good thing stays secret for very long. After years of accommodating British tourists on their annual search for the sun, there is little left of the island that is untarnished by tourism. At Economy Car Hire we are dedicated to bringing you the best travel tips and advice, so we have found an area of Cyprus that still retains its sense of authenticity.

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Go Glamping in Europe!

15th July 2014

Glamping- keep calm 2

Inject a bit of adventure into your summer holiday this year with Glamping! Glamorous-Camping began as a VIP alternative accommodation at the UK’s top festivals. Over the years it has become a holiday attraction in its own right. A glamping holiday is an adventure without having to compromise on your holiday luxuries. Now that glamping sights are popping up all over Europe it’s time to jazz up your holiday hotspot. From opulent yurts to palatial treehouses we at Economy Car Hire have come up with a list of our Top 4 glamping sights in Europe.

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Mallorca’s Magnificent Mountains

10th July 2014

Mallorca- Port Adndratx (3)

Famous for its stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, it has been a popular tourist destination since the 1950s. If you are not the type of person who can sit on the beach all day, or you just fancy doing something different, then why not hire a car and see some more of the island? Here at Economy Car Hire we love this gorgeous island and a driving route through Mallorca’s magnificent mountains is perfect for a day trip.

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Has Technology Made Travel Less Rewarding?

8th July 2014

social media

More people than ever are becoming reliant on technology whilst travelling. A new app, reading a review on a tablet whilst on the go, or just updating the whole world on your every move via social media. There’s no doubt about it, technology has changed the way we travel, but is it for better or for worse?

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July 2014 Travel News Bulletin

7th July 2014

With school holidays beginning and good weather in full swing July is set to be a busy month regarding all things travel. Keep up to date with the latest travel news and advice with our travel bulletin. If you are due to travel over the next few weeks be sure to check back for any important updates that could affect your journey.

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UK Airports Face Increased Security Checks

4th July 2014

Domodedovo airport check-in lounge

Security at all UK and European airports has been increased after US intelligence issued a warning of a ‘credible threat’ of an al-Qa’ida terror attack. The US intelligence is reported to have suggested that militant groups in the Middle East are preparing new explosive devices that could be carried undetected on to commercial flights. The US is increasing security at all its airports and has asked other countries to do the same. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said that the UK will play its part to make sure that security checks will be tightened where possible.

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Superb Sights in Cyprus!

3rd July 2014

Mountain churches 1

The Troodos Mountain area has had cultural significance since ancient times and is widely recognised for its links back to the Byzantine era. During the conflict of this era churches and monasteries were built high in the mountains away from the threatened coastline. These churches are now considered some of the best sights in Cyprus! Lovingly preserved they form the popular ‘Painted Churches Trail’! The trail usually takes around 2 days to complete on foot. However, it also makes a lovely scenic drive! Read on to get the low down on Economy Car Hire’s guide to this wondrous route.

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6 Accessories That Make Travelling Better

1st July 2014

For travelers and holidaymakers who like to read!

There are not many things that you need to take with you. Your passport and money will just about cover any eventuality. However going abroad is not just about surviving, it’s about having an enjoyable trip. So this is Economy Car Hire’s list of accessories that although aren’t fundamental, they make the whole thing a little bit more enjoyable.

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