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How Car Hire Saves You Money On Holiday

18th September 2014

What size car should I rent?

It is no secret that planning a self- catering holiday can save you money. As the saying goes, ‘it pays to do your research’. What most people don’t realise is that booking car hire can also save you money on the overall cost of your holiday! Sightseeing and day trips can be an expensive affair but with a hire car you can balance the price as well as ensure you get the exact trip you were looking for.  

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Paradise on Porquerolles!

16th September 2014


It’s safe to say that the south of France is an ideal destination for your summer holiday. Beautiful coastline, picturesque towns with plenty of character, delicious food and wine, and glorious weather! It is not surprising holidaymakers return year after year. However, even favourite destinations can become tedious.

That’s where we come in! Can you keep a secret?

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Captivating Castles and Picturesque Pubs

11th September 2014


Ireland is a land famous for fairies and leprechauns. Its folklore is without doubt a predominant part of its attraction. So, why not plan a tour of the sites that are home to the most cherished legends and epic tales. Mythical and humorous the Irish knack for storytelling will capture your imagination like no other! For a scenic drive with a difference make a circuit of Ireland’s most iconic castles! Stay in quaint rural towns and sample some original Irish hospitality.

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How to Make Travelling Better, Our Top Travel Hacks

9th September 2014

Open suitcase

At Economy Car Hire, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service when it comes to car hire. Additionally, we want to make sure that your entire trip goes smoothly, so we have unearthed some incredible travel hacks to improve life on the go.

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To Save Time is to Lengthen Life – Driving the GR10

4th September 2014


The GR10 is a famous walking route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. It takes around 45-60 days to walk, but not all of us have that amount of time available. Why not hop in a hire car and speed up the process? The scenery along the way makes this one of the most picturesque road trips in Europe.

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The 10 Weirdest Driving Laws in the World

2nd September 2014


There can be times in our everyday lives when we lose perspective. Something you find annoying or irritating can seem like the worst thing in the world at the time. In order to give us all a reality check and a chuckle at the same time, we at Economy Car Hire have collected some of the wackiest driving laws on the planet. Sometimes it’s just good to realise that you are not the only person that is affected by nonsensical red-tape.

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September 2014 – Travel News Bulletin

1st September 2014

Air France Strike Action Extended

Pilots for Air France have voted to extend their strike until Friday 26th September. Approximately 65% of pilots are involved in the strike which has resulted in around only 40% of flights going ahead as planned. We would advise that if you are due to fly with Air France, that you check the status of your flight before heading to the airport.

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Escape to Peneda-Geres

28th August 2014

ponte de lima

Portugal has a sun, sea and sand reputation amongst many holidaymakers. There is however much more to the country than the stereotype would suggest. If you drive north from Porto, past Braga, to the border with Spain, you will come across the Peneda-Geres National Park. This is the only National Park in Portugal and it’s a huge contrast from the popular beach resorts that you find in the south.

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Our Pick of the Top 6 Car Games

26th August 2014

car games- technology

In a world where passengers are increasingly ‘plugged in’ travel has become a somewhat solitary experience. With iPods, smartphones, laptops and games consoles to hand, travellers no longer need to rely on their fellow passengers to relieve the boredom of long and potentially tedious journeys.
Here at Economy Car Hire, we say look up! Log out of Facebook, stop tweeting live updates of your journey, reply to that email later and take out your headphones! Technology has changed the way we travel drastically and not necessarily in a good way. The ‘car game’, an old family favourite, is making a comeback and we’ve come up with a list of our top 6 favourites to keep you entertained on your next journey!

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Re-thinking The Greek Islands

21st August 2014

greek islands- paxos

The unique, laid-back charm of Greek holidays has been attracting tourists for decades. However, the islands’ popularity only continues to grow and the increasing crowds threaten to ruin your haven of rest and relaxation. So, we have come up with a list of a few little known islands that offer all the things you love without the busy beaches and fully booked tavernas!

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