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Top 6 Festivals for February

27th January 2015

Festival-Mardi Gras

As we ease out of January, everyone heaves a collective sigh of relief. The light of spring is almost in sight. We can start to look forward to longer days and warmer weather. To celebrate the culmination of the winter season and the coming of spring, many cities all over the world host lively festivals to raise spirits. A destination’s personality shines through during celebratory events making festivals statements of individuality. Music, food, art and sports all play a crucial role in these events ensuring there is something for everyone. So, if you’re looking for an excuse to dust off your dancing shoes or simply try something a bit different, then stick with us as we give you the low down on the top festivals for February.

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Top 7 Happy Holiday Destinations

20th January 2015

Happy Places- Vietnam

If you’re looking for something to beat those winter blues, a trip to one the happiest places in the world is sure to have you grinning from ear to ear. Shake off those dreary winter dismals and start dreaming of one (or all) of these happy holiday destinations …

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Top 5 Ways To Explore Canada In Winter

15th January 2015

canada snow train

Winter holidays usually fall into two categories: winter sports and winter sun. Whilst both continue to be popular year on year, they’re not necessarily for everyone. Canada offers holidaymakers the opportunity to experience the ultimate winter landscape. You can however get away without having to purchase a suitcase worth of ski gear or take to the slopes of a snowy mountain when you’d rather be cozied up by the fire. Whether you’d rather watch snowy scenes pass you by from the comfort of a warm train carriage, or don a pair of snow shoes and head into the forest to track local wildlife, Canada has a wide range of alternative winter holiday options.

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What To Pack For A Winter Trip

13th January 2015

winter trip-socks

Whilst the cold weather usually has us warming ourselves inside and dreaming of sunnier climes to come in the summer months, it also transforms many destinations. The winter is a fantastic time to experience certain destinations in a whole new environment. Whether it’s winter wonderland landscapes you’re after or snowy cityscapes, travelling in the winter months opens up a whole new range of experiences and opportunities. One of the most difficult aspects of winter travel is what to pack, or more importantly, how to pack light! When it’s cold outside our first instinct is to don chunky knits, heavy coats and 3 pairs of socks. Whilst this may offer some comfort from the inclement conditions, it isn’t particularly conducive to travel. To help you get outdoors and see the sights alongside Jack Frost, here at Economy Car Hire, we’ve come up with a few top tips to keep your body temperature up and packing list to a minimum.

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January 2015- Travel News Bulletin

8th January 2015

Italian Air Traffic Control Strike Causes Disruption

A walkout of Italian Air Traffic Control Staff from 12pm to 4pm on Friday 16th January will cause flight cancellations and disruption. Where possible airlines that will be affected have tried to work around this, but have said that it will also affect carriers flying through Italian airspace during this time. We advise that if you are flying at this time, you should check the status of your flight before departing for the airport.

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How to Sail Through Security Checks

6th January 2015


The thought of going through customs usually elicits a collective grown from all travellers and holiday makers. There’s so much to organise and prepare beforehand that once you get to the airport you simply want to check in, stroll through duty free and head straight for your gate. Alas, for security reasons customs is always going to be a necessity.

In order to help you save time and sail through customs we’ve come up with some top tips. Reduce faff and avoid getting flustered by thinking one step ahead…

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Bulgarian Feasts Cause Bulging Bellies

1st January 2015

bulgarian cuisine

Bulgaria is both a summer holiday hotspot and a favourite for winter sports enthusiasts on a budget. What you may not know is that Bulgaria is also a foodie’s paradise. The cuisine features predominantly Turkish and Eastern Europe influences. You may even pick up a hint of the orient in some dishes. Bulgarian cuisine is therefore pretty diverse with each region proudly offering its own signature dish of culinary magic. There are a grand total of 28 regions in Bulgaria and whilst we could happily give you a rundown of each one’s top traditional treat, here at Economy Car Hire, we have managed to narrow it down to our favourite 5!

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Top Five Travel Trends for 2015

30th December 2014


Going on holiday is a special occasion and something we all look forward to. For that reason we also want to ensure that it’s going to be the best holiday ever. Whilst we all have our favourite places, it’s always nice to be one step ahead of the crowds. To make sure that you get to the next big destination and pick up a t-shirt before anyone else, we’ve come up with a few predictions for 2015’s travel trends.

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Done Hobbiton? Dig Your Own Hot Tub!

18th December 2014

kawhia beach

Despite New Zealand’s small size, it is jam packed with incredible sights and natural wonders. You can barely drive a few miles without the landscape changing dramatically and transforming into something even more breath-taking.

Kawhia is a small coastal village located on the west coast of the North Island, just a few hours’ drive from Auckland and is home to its very own hot water beach and natural spa pools!

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Take Our Quiz! Where Should You Travel In 2015?

16th December 2014

Couple at the Beach

Looking for inspiration on where to holiday next year but not sure what best suits your travel style? Do not fear, Economy Car Hire are here with a fun quiz that will decipher the best destination for you. Forget trawling through review sites and brochures, we’ve got it all sorted for you. Just take the test and you’ll be jet setting in no time! Simply answer the questions and we’ll match you up with an exciting new holiday hot spot that’s guaranteed to tick all your boxes.

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